Welcome to the Course Creation Lab!


At the Course Creation Lab, we understand that we must continually advance our practices of teaching, training, coaching, mentoring, & course creation to best prepare our Customer Learner to take on their piece of the world!



"How we leverage our influence through education

really is a matter of life."

- Dr. Michele Sare



Purpose of the Course Creation Lab

  • No matter your topic, our goal is to help you to create better results for those you serve.
  • The Course Creation Lab is a training and resource center to help business owners and educators to improve their teaching, training, coaching, mentoring, and course creation skills and knowledge.
  • Your Customer Learners© invest in you. Honor your promise to them by advancing your skill and knowledge of teaching, training, coaching, mentoring, and course creation.
  • How you influence others matters!
  • We want to help you be the big deal your Customer Learner needs, paid for, and deserves!

How we fulfill our purpose:

We bring together the best of formal education with entrepreneurial education to help our customer get better results, strengthen this wonderful industry of entrepreneurial education, & to help you have the quality business you dream of!


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