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I’m proof that absolutely anyone can learn to create a business around what they know or know how to do... and create all the bits & pieces to create success for our customers & for ourselves.
After a successful career in nursing, education, and as an author and international speaker, I realized I had a knack for helping people navigate change, to learn, and to create 'better' for themselves and those they love... claiming their voice, their personal power, and - more than anything - their happiness! 
Now I share what I know & know how to do so others can create their courses & content smarter and faster! I help others learn the best  techniques for online course & content creation success. No fluff or inflated promises - just time tested strategies, best practices, and with my Customer Learner at the forefront of everything I do.
My purpose for you - a budding or somewhat seasoned online content entrepreneur - is to unearth & develop your hidden skills and share them with the world of online business... starting from wherever you are at in life - and wherever you are at on this business creation path of sharing what you know or know how to do...

“I worked intensely with Michele for several months on a project for the Montana Center to Advance Health through Nursing. I found her to be creative, reliable, passionate, responsible, and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of our project. She developed a leadership course for our rural nurses, which was then delivered through a hybrid of online and in-person gatherings. The course received positive reviews all around! Michele was able to direct the learners through any technical difficulties they experienced (mostly due to lack of know-how on their part and inconsistent rural/frontier technology), and thoroughly evaluated the results achieved. Her communication skills are outstanding, and I would not hesitate a minute to work with her again in most any capacity.”

Casey Blumenthal, DNP, MHSA, BSN
Adjunct Faculty, Carroll College, Helena, MT
Former VP Montana Hospital Association


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