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Testimonials about Michele's work & content & course creation:


Rigan Louis

I have known Dr Sare for more than 12 years; she has been a good professor and mentor for me throughout the years, and still today. She helped create and reinforce nursing courses curriculum as well as strategies to develop and implement policies for nursing school and nursing care in Haiti. We have worked in many projects to help vulnerable communities get access to basic care and health education. She is very professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about her work. My colleagues and I were impressed by her teaching skills. She has delivered the courses via a dual, online and in person, methods. I am recommending her service, with a great pleasure.

Rigan Louis, MSN, FNP, PhD student

College of Nursing

University of Florida   

Dr. Gloria Fernandez

I worked with Michele for nearly a year to navigate change for our organization. Michele comes with a wealth of knowledge about change and a keen eye as to what it takes to have a positive change and begin to focus the work of our nurses through research, data review and analysis, and implementation. Michele developed curriculum that facilitated learning at all levels and engaged our staff to continually learn throughout the process. The curriculum and training were organized online as we are an organization that is spread out in our state. Her skills and knowledge with leading change is invaluable and would welcome working with Michele in the future.

Gloria Fernandez, Quality Assurance Coordinator, DNP, RN, PHNA-BC

Dr. June Thompson

Michele is one of those special educators who uses structure, framework, and research to evaluate and understand everyday problems.  Each time I work with Michele, I find it enjoyable to watch her mind and organization at work to create new approaches and solutions to the complex challenges we face.

June Thompson, DrPH, MSN, RN, FAEN


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About Me

My purpose is to help you to more elegantly craft what you know or know how to do - so that those you serve achieve better results... and so that you get more enjoyment & inspiration from this path you have chosen!


I’m proof that absolutely anyone can learn to create a business around what they know or know how to do... and create all the bits & pieces to create success for our customers & for ourselves.
After a successful career in nursing, education, and as an author and international speaker, I realized I had a knack & a passion for helping people navigate change, to learn, and to create 'better' for themselves and those they love... claiming their voice, their personal power, and - more than anything - their happiness! 
Now I share what I know & know how to do so others can create their courses & content smarter and faster - more elegantly crafting their message! I help others learn the best techniques for online course & content creation success. No fluff or inflated promises - just time tested strategies, best practices, and with my Customer Learner at the forefront of everything I do.
My purpose for you - a budding or somewhat seasoned online content entrepreneur - is to unearth & develop your hidden & practiced skills to share them with the world of online business... starting from wherever you are at in life - and wherever you are at on this business creation path of sharing what you know or know how to do...

“I worked intensely with Michele for several months on a project for the Montana Center to Advance Health through Nursing. I found her to be creative, reliable, passionate, responsible, and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of our project. She developed a leadership course for our rural nurses, which was then delivered through a hybrid of online and in-person gatherings. The course received positive reviews all around! Michele was able to direct the learners through any technical difficulties they experienced (mostly due to lack of know-how on their part and inconsistent rural/frontier technology), and thoroughly evaluated the results achieved. Her communication skills are outstanding, and I would not hesitate a minute to work with her again in most any capacity.”

Casey Blumenthal, DNP, MHSA, BSN
Adjunct Faculty, Carroll College, Helena, MT
Former VP Montana Hospital Association

The drive behind why I do what I do...

In my quest for equity and social justice, I linked-up early in my career that there was far more to helping people to attain and maintain health and to prevent excess death, than medicines, surgeries, and treatments. I’ve always known that the conditions within which we live, and work, are what holds the potential to harm people and communities the most. The two biggest culprits are gaps in education and income. Across my life and my 46-year career in nursing, public health, and as a university professor, I have worked to advance education and help lift others out of poverty as a pathway to a longer healthier life. That work intensified after surviving the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and being witness to true disparity in education and economy. The focus of my work in the past 22 years has been to advance education and help others to find financial security through business development. What better way to carry my purpose into the world than to help others advance their education - and in doing so - create pathways to advance their economy as well - here in the Online Content Creation Business!