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Must Haves: 6 Essential Skills for Online Course Creators

4 Modules with 23 Lessons 

You learned how to create your business, how to market & sell - & now, you have Customer Learners -Wow! Great job! The next set of skills & knowledge you need is how to learn the best ways to deliver your course or program. 

  • Improve your customer's results
  • Struggle less with figuring out how to present your course/program
  • Save time becuase 'you got this' - you know how to Teach & Train!
  • Improve the quality of your work and you will  improve your reputation!
  • Charge premium prices because you really are offering premium Teahing & Training!

When you complete this 8-wek intensive - you'll have a quality teaching & training plan to help you get better results for you & your Customer Learner!


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you need to learn how to:

Teach, Train, Coach, Mentor, & Create Quality Courses & Programs

No matter your topic, our goal is to help you to create better results for those you serve -

strengthening your business through quality!



I'm so glad that you're here!

I am truly grateful that you found yourself here in the Course Creation Lab, that you're open to the idea & promise of creating quality courses & programs. What you create matters to those who will take your courses & programs. Your influence can be life transforming for others - sharing what you know or know how to do is the power to help others change their lives. But only when done well!

Imagine that - when your course or programs are well designed, developed, & delivered - you hold the power to make someone else's life better!

I created this online space, Course Creation Lab, so that I could share what I've learned as a professor, a business owner, and reinventing & rejuvenating my life after loss, abuse, & betrayal. I've worked at learning and doing better, I've done some things well & I've mucked-up & slogged & struggled aplenty. I want to help you slog & struggle less - and to avoid the muck-ups - as you create your very own profitable course creation business - or use courses to augment your other products or services.

And the best part? I want you to have the kind of impact that you desire and can have in this world. It is true, the world needs your voice & your message so that you can help someone else slog & struggle & muck-up less!

I am committed to helping you design, develop, deliver, & evaluate quality courses & programs - to create quality content to achieve amazing results for you and for your Customer Learner!

~ To your success - and the success of those you serve, Blessings ~

               Dr. Michele Sare

Are you ready to get some real results for your customer & your business?

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Becuase I understand the principles of education, I believe in working with smaller groups in my coaching programs. It is intense work for you and me, but why bother if we are not getting you actionable results? Less than 10% of all people who take an online course in the big category of 'success' - 'business' - 'course creation' - et al - complete or are able to apply what they had intended to learn. I want to change that!

When we work together, I promise to get you the results the course or program offers - if you will stick with it and do the work - we can do this together!

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