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 It's not easy doing it all: Start a business, navigate the feelings, care for the life & people parts - AND - design, build, & present great content! 

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"I have known Michele for 7 years and we first met through the development of a rural nursing course that took place in Mongolia during my undergraduate nursing degree. She was one of those professors that changed how you viewed the world and your place in it. Michele is tenacious, passionate, and a driver of education. Her advocacy and leadership extend to Haiti and Mongolia where she has tirelessly worked to empower nurses and improve access to healthcare through innovative healthcare & education delivery models. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance and inspiration."

Jessie Winkler, BSN, CCRN, RN

Johns Hopkins University Pediatric DNP student


Learn about the 6 Musts that will help you create content that you can be proud of, from the comfort of your own home.

In this online course, you will learn how easy and fun it is to create great courses, using these 6 must have tools. I’ll share with you the techniques passed down by generations of learning specialists – applying the best practices in a way that you can use & apply to create ease for yourself and great results for your customer learners.




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Here at the Course Creation Lab we help you to more elegantly craft what you know or know how to do so that those you serve achieve better results.

Hi, I’m Michele, the person behind the Course Creation Lab. As a dedicated educator, I’ve learned that creating quality content doesn’t have to be mind-numbing.
Join me for a course, workshop, or lab, and see for yourself that designing, developing, and delivering great content & courses can be simple, easy, and fun.


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