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You're an influencer -  you want to have a quality online course creation business to help others - congratulations! Next, you need the tools to design & develop quality courses & programs. 

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No matter your topic, our goal is to help you to create better results for those you serve -

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I'm so glad that you're here!

I am truly grateful that you found yourself here in the Course Creation Lab, that you're open to the idea & promise of creating quality courses & programs. What you create matters to those who will take your courses & programs. Your influence can be life transforming for others - sharing what you know or know how to do is the power to help others change their lives. But only when done well!

Imagine that - when your course or programs are well designed, developed, & delivered - you hold the power to make someone else's life better!

I created this online space, Course Creation Lab, so that I could share what I've learned as a professor, a business owner, and reinventing & rejuvenating my life after loss, abuse, & betrayal. I've worked at learning and doing better, I've done some things well & I've mucked-up & slogged & struggled aplenty. I want to help you slog & struggle less - and to avoid the muck-ups - as you create your very own profitable course creation business - or use courses to augment your other products or services.

And the best part? I want you to have the kind of impact that you desire and can have in this world. It is true, the world needs your voice & your message so that you can help someone else slog & struggle & muck-up less!

I am committed to helping you design, develop, deliver, & evaluate quality courses & programs - to create quality content to achieve amazing results for you and for your Customer Learner!

~ To your success - and the success of those you serve, Blessings ~

               Dr. Michele Sare