$47.00 USD

How to Master Your Topic - Master Your Product!

Your courses are your product - your brand - a representation of you!

There is enough mediocre content out there – you know what it feels like to take a course, read a book, or subscribe to content that is so-so – not really the full story. But you, you know there is more to influencing others…

What this course will help you with:

  • Ever struggle with choosing and leaning into that 'just right' topic to build your online course creation business on - or to expand your current business? You’ll get clarity here!
  • It is so easy to be caught in uncertainty, overwhelm, and feelings of inadequacy - especially in this very busy business space with so many folks who are deeply skilled at marketing and related skills of copyediting - add imposter syndrome – and YIKES! In this course you’ll claim your authority and right to be in this business!  
  • Ever wonder about how hard it has been for you to learn online? When you master your topic – you’ll be better prepared to truly help others becuase you are a master of your course product!

       Then this course is for you!